Excavations at the site of ‘En Hatzeva in the Negev, Israel, were conducted on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). We wish to thank Amir Drori, General Director of the IAA, for his continuing support of the excavations since 1989. Through 1992, work there was directed by Rudolph Cohen.

The excavations in 1993–1995 were directed by Cohen and Yigal Yisrael with the assistance of Oded Feder, Eyal Tischler, Amir Ganor, Yacov Kalman, Meirav Zuaretz and Shala Blankstein. Also participating were N. Kollele, D. Poretzki, I. Watkin and R. Niculescu (surveyors), and N. Sneh and S. Mendrea (field photographers). Funding for the excavations was provided through the Negev Tourism Development Administration, and 50–60 workers from Yeruham were supplied by the Ministry of Labor. The editor of the ‘En Hatzeva excavation’s English publications is Caren Greenberg. For the most recent short report on the excavation, see Rudolph Cohen and Yigal Yisrael, ‘En H|aseva, Excavations and Surveys in Israel 15 (Israel Antiquities Authority, 1996), pp. 96–98.