A number of decorated Philistine and other pottery sherds dated (as designated by the excavators) to “Iron II(?)” were also found in the foundation trench of the thick mud-brick wall. This is a clear indication that the foundation trench was cut and refilled at a late date. The excavators, however, preferred to consider these sherds as “contaminated.” Ann E. Killebrew, Report of the 1984 Excavations. Field INE/SE (Jerusalem: Tel Miqne-Ekron Project Office, 1986) pp. 137–138, 147; Ann E. Killebrew, Report of the 1985–1987 Excavations in Field INE: Areas 5, 6, 7. The Bronze and Iron Ages. Text and Data Base (Plates, Sections, Plans) (Jerusalem: Tel Miqne-Ekron Project Office, 1996), pp. 87–88.