Two structures that have been identified as Aksumite temples have been discovered: one at Ushate Golo and one at Mekayiho. See Henri de Contenson, “Les fouilles à Ouchatei Golo, près d’Axoum, en 1958 (1957–1959),” Annales d’éthiopie 4 (1961), pp. 3–14; Rodolfo Fattovich, Andrea Manzo and Luisa Sernicola, “Report of the October–November 2008 Field Season of the Italian Archaeological Expedition at Aksum of the University of Naples l’Orientale,” (forthcoming). An Aksumite inscription possibly mentioning a temple has been discovered at Abba Pantalewon Monastery. See Gian Paolo Chiari, A Guide to Aksum and Yeha (Addis Ababa: Arada Books, 2009), pp. 168–169. However, even if some of these sites functioned as temples, they are all in the periphery of the city of Aksum and cannot be compared in terms of their monumental presence to the funerary stelae.