As McCane, Roll Back the Stone, pp. 100-101 notes, contrary to Crossan. Also see Tzaferis, “Crucifixion—the Archaeological Evidence”; Rahmani, “Ancient Jerusalem’s Funerary Customs,” p. 51; Rahmani, A Catalog of Jewish Ossuaries in the Collections of the State of Israel (Jerusalem: Israel Antiquities Authority, 1994), p. 131, no. 218. As McCane, Roll Back the Stone, p. 99, notes: “Dishonorable burial was reserved for those who had been condemned by the people of Israel” (McCane’s emphasis). Despite this, McCane concurs that Jesus was buried in shame. The prominence of Yohanan’s family is indicated by the fact that another ossuary from this tomb was inscribed “Simon, the builder of the Temple,” apparently someone who had participated in the reconstruction of the Temple under Herod; see Tzaferis, “Crucifixion—the Archaeological Evidence,” pp. 47, 50; Brown, The Death of the Messiah from Gethsemane to the Grave, p. 1210.