This period (2200–2000 B.C.) has been called by various names by different scholars: Intermediate Early Bronze Age-Middle Bronze Age by Kathleen Kenyon, Intermediate Bronze Age by Moshe Kochavi, Early Bronze Age IV by most American archaeologists, Middle Bronze Age I by William F. Albright, and Early Bronze Age IV-Middle Bronze Age I by Amihai Mazar. Although I prefer Mazar’s method, for the sake of simplicity I will use Albright’s terminology (also used by many Israelis), whereby the earlier period is called Middle Bronze Age I. The subsequent period (2000–1750 B.C.) has been called Middle Bronze Age I by Kenyon and Middle Bronze Age IIa by Albright. Again, I will adopt Albright’s choice of names, calling the period of Sinuhe’s tale Middle Bronze Age IIa.