In a pamphlet Futterer published in 1927 he reports squeezing into a cave leading to a long vault or corridor with “hieroglyphics” on the walls. At the end of the corridor he found two locked doors. Futterer took notes of the “hieroglyphics” and when he returned to Jerusalem, “a Hebrew scholar” deciphered his “hieroglyphic” signs “numerically.” The numerical value of the signs (apparently they were interpreted as Hebrew letters which also have numerical values) totaled 1927, according to Futterer. He interpreted this to mean he would discover the Ark of the Covenant in 1927. After uncovering the Ark he planned “to build a Tourist Resort here out of these already prepared stones of old ruins.” Futterer’s pamphlet solicited funds for his project: “What will you give to see the lost Ark restored to Jerusalem?” he asked. “Will you help us materially?” See Search is on for Lost Ark of Covenant.