Ussishkin referred me to Pierre Montet, Byblos et l’Egypte (Paris: Paul Geuthner, 1928). Tomb V of this royal cemetery contained the famous Ahiram sarcophagus. The grave goods in these tombs were extraordinary, both in quality and number. For the plan of Tomb V, see planche CXXV of the Atlas. For the quality of the masonry of these tombs, see, for example, the engraving on p. 19 of the text and planches XX, LXXVIII–LXXXVII of the Atlas. The extraordinary grave goods are shown on the plates that follow.

On Tanis, see Pierre Montet, Le Drame D’Avaris (Paris: Paul Geuthner, 1941), especially p. 164, fig. 47 and planche I.