Incidentally, this supports a conclusion I reached several years ago that the territory of Edom was organized as a kingdom only in about 846 B.C.E., as indicated by 1 Kings 22:48 (“There was no king in Edom”) and 2 Kings 8:20 (“Edom revolted against Judah and set up its own king”) (“Hadad l’Edomite ou Hadad l’Araméen?” Biblische Notizen 43 (1988), pp. 14–18; “Les territoires d’Ammon, Moab et Edom dans la deuxieme moitié du IXe s. av. n. è.,” in Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan IV, ed. S. Tell (Amman, Jordan, 1992), pp. 209–214).