Although Biblical passages are quoted in their conventional English translations, the names of musical instruments have been modified by the author. For example, in 1 Samuel 10:5, the company of prophets is preceded by “nevel (large lyre) and tof (frame drum) and halil (double pipe) and kinnor (lyre). …” The conventional English translation is “psaltery and tabret and pipe and harp.” The translators’ terms, which have a generally medieval European historical background of their own, do not concern us here since our task is not to identify the “psaltery,” but, rather, the nevel. The issue is similar for all the other names of musical instruments. For the general classification of instruments and standard terminology, see C. Sachs, The History of Musical Instruments (New York, 1940), pp. 454–467. For the Biblical terms see B. Bayer, Encyclopedia Judaica, Volume 12, s.v. Music; History—Biblical Period (cols. 560–565).