An example of a listing in the new list of unpublished texts follows. See the previous footnote for the citation to the entire listing:4Q [Qumran Cave 4] #:521
Name: Messianic Apocalypse (previously: On Resurrection)
Inv.: 330
Old #: Sy [Starcky] 37
Editor(s): Puech
Preliminary Publication: RQ [Revue de Qumran] 15 (1992)
Transcription: all
Photographs: all
Drawing:Note: [A note would indicate if the text was not in Hebrew (as in the case of Aramaic, Greek and Nabatean) or if it was not on leather (as in the case of papyrus). A note would also be used to indicate if the script was paleo-Hebrew or Coptic A or B. The absence of a note indicates the text is in Hebrew on leather and in square Hebrew script.]