Photo courtesy of Veronica Kalas

The Selime Kale’s great galleried hall (Hall 1), about 50 feet long, is one of the most elaborate areas in the complex. Three barrel-vaulted niches are carved into each of its long sides; at its eastern end, tunnels lead to another hall (Hall 2) and to the upper galleries, from which the entire room can be seen. Surrounding the hall on three sides, the galleries (see photo of additonal Selime Kale hall) consist of arcades framed by arches.

The hall’s proximity to the kitchen may indicate that it was a dining room. The upper gallery on the western side (left in this photo) is separated from the rest of the room by chest-high barriers, making it the most private area in the complex. Women or servants may have used this area as a retreat from gatherings in the main hall.