E.C. Krupp

The sculpted surfaces of Yazilikaya’s main chamber (Chamber A) depict a procession of Hittite gods, wending their way towards the room’s central panel. This panel (detail shown here, compare with full view and drawing) is dominated by a divine wedding scene. The Hurrian storm god, Teshub, is joined in holy matrimony with the earth-mother goddess Hepat. One of the most powerful of all the Hurrian gods, Teshub stands astride two human-shaped mountains, emphasizing his command of the summits where storms brew. His bride is perched atop a lion, another ancient symbol of sovereignty. The heavenly couple is surrounded by an impressive host of attendants, including their son and heir Sharruma (shown standing just behind his mother, also on the back of a lion) and the local Weather God of Hattusha (at far left). E.C. Krupp contends that this legion of deities has assembled “to witness and ratify” the ritual matrimonial bond between heaven and earth.