Thomas Cook Archives

“The usual mode of traveling, which is very comfortable, except in some places after the rains, is to be up early, breakfast on bacon and eggs, cold beef, cold ham, fish, when procurable, tea and coffee, and start for the luncheon site, where a good meal is spread out. Then on to the next camping ground [an American tour party in the Holy Land poses in front of their encampment above], where, while the tents are being put up and equipped, tea, biscuits and cake are partaken of. Dinner, which takes place at 8 p.m., generally consists of soup, fish, entrées, joints, vegetables, sweets, cheese and fruit. Food is served in a separate tent, called the dining-room tent, and each living tent contains two beds, with good mattresses, carpet with matting underneath, table, stools and a light wash-hand stand, while another tent is used as a bath-room.”