The British Museum

1 Cl(audia) Seuerá Lepidinae [suae

2 [sa]l[u]tem

3 iii Idus Septembr[e]s soror ad diem

4 sollemnen natalem meum rogó

5 libenter faciás ut uenias

6 ad nos iucundiorem mihi

Lines 1–6 of the Vindolanda birthday invitation tablet, with a Latin transliteration. The full text of the letter reads: “Claudia Severa to her Lepidina greetings. On September 11, sister, for the day of the celebration of my birthday, I give you a warm invitation to make sure that you come to us, to make the day more enjoyable for me by your arrival, if you are present. Give my greetings to your Cerialis. My Aelius and my little son send him their greetings. I shall expect you, sister. Farewell, sister, my dearest soul, as I hope to prosper, and hail.”