A plan of Alayik—Hasmonean and Herodian Jericho. Topographically two mounds dominate the area (marked 1 and 4), one mound on the northern side of the Wadi Kelt and the other on the southern side. The Hasmonean Palace (marked 1) was built on the northern mound. Later Herod built a structure which was probably a villa on top of the Hasmonean palace. (The area of the Herodian villa is marked inside the Hasmonean Palace by striped lines.) The Hasmonean swimming pool, where Aristobulus III was murdered, is marked 2. Note the wall or podium dividing the pool, and the steps leading down to each half. South of the pool was the area of ritual baths or mikvaot used by the Hasmoneans. Herod’s first palace is marked 3. He later added to his palace complex the remaining structures which dominate the center of the plan.