Hirmer Fotoarchiv Muenchen

A Hittite city tower is depicted on this small clay artifact which is either a vase or an incense burner. Found in the 15th century B.C. levels at Bogûazko¬y, the 4 3/4 inch high object suggests that the city towers were punctuated with windows and were crenellated.

From remains uncovered at Bogûazko¬y, archaeologists have learned that the lowest part of the city walls was 18 feet high and was built of cyclopean stones. On top of this base were the upper levels of the wall, built of brick and small stones. The gates were 14 feet high and were built of stone slabs.

This clay representation of a Hittite defensive tower helps to complete the picture of the Hittite fortification system. The floral design at the bottom of the clay tower is decorative only.