The Hazor Shaft/Tunnel.
A–A mark position of the section.
1. Rock-hewn shaft with steps
2. Entrance structure
3. Stepped (or sloping) tunnel leading to water table
4. 9th century B.C. 4-room Israelite house
5. 10th century B.C. Solomonic casemate wall
6. Chamber on water table
7. Pool on water table
Hazor—This water system was built in the 9th century B.C. some time after the completion of the Gibeon water system.
Five flights of stairs encircling the shaft (1), led to the entrance of a stepped sloping tunnel (3) at the bottom of the shaft. The tunnel descends an additional 65 feet before reaching the water table chamber (6) 125 feet deep under the Hazor streets.
The Hazor engineers may have learned the stepped-tunnel-to-water-table technique from Gibeon where the latest water system used this technology. The engineering at Hazor appears confident and purposeful—not accidental.