Zev Radovan

Viewing the Temple Mount from the air clarifies some of the features discussed in this article. We are looking south. The southern perimeter of the Temple Mount is on a line with the domed end of the El-Aksa Mosque (top center); the western edge of the Temple Mount is marked by distinctive walls with open arched entrances along much of its length. The eastern and northern edges of the Mount are just outside the area of the photo to the left and on the bottom. The Dome of the Rock on its platform dominates the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Tablets (circled in black) is an unassuming structure in the northwestern corner of the platform. The perimeter of the Dome of the Rock platform is clearly indicated by vegetation on the east (left) and north (bottom). On the west (right), vegetation marks half of the perimeter and the line continues to the southwestern corner where a small domed structure is located. Two archways interrupting vegetation accent the southern line of the platform on which the Dome of the Rock is located. These free-standing arches and others are at the top of stairways leading to the platform from the lower levels of the surrounding Temple Mount. Although it cannot be seen in this view, the Golden Gate, in the eastern wall of the Temple Mount, is found on a line drawn to the east from the Dome of the Tablets.