Joint Expedition to Ai

Plan the Ahilud house complex. Features of the plan include:

• a large fire pit in the center of the largest room of the main house.
• two cistern openings, set into the floor of the largest room of the main house.
• a long narrow room at the back of the main house, across its width, with a third cistern opening set into its floor.
• narrow workrooms behind the three-house cluster (upper left and upper center). In the far north workroom (upper right) is a hearth for metalworking. Here, metal ingots were melted in crucibles and the molten metal was poured into molds to form the daggers, spearpoints and axe heads for Ahilud’s household, as well as for the other members of the community. Most of the tools and other evidence of metalworking (see photograph of tools) were found in these workrooms.
• silo (lower left) for storage jars filled with grain. This was Ahilud’s “root cellar.”