Courtesy Israel Dept. of Antiquities and Museums/Photo: Danny Friedman

The Galilee boat, resurrected after being buried in lake mud for some 2,000 years, makes its 550-yard voyage to the Yigal Allon Museum at Kibbutz Ginnosar. Subsequently, a crane lifted the boat ashore. The conservator, Orna Cohen, had decided that the sea provided the best means for transporting the 26-foot-long boat from the excavation site to the museum. The boat was wrapped in buoyant polyurethane for protection.

Based upon the boat’s construction techniques, associated artifacts and radiocarbon dates, the boat has been dated to between the first century B.C. and the late first century A.D. It is probably the type of boat that was used by Jesus and his disciples in their many travels upon the Sea of Galilee and by the Jesus in the nautical battle of Migdal.