Leen Ritmeyer

Pilasters: Rectangular engaged pillars, or pilasters, decorated the upper portion of the Temple Mount wall (10). Remains of the Temple Mount pilasters were found in the rubble in front of the pier of Robinson’s Arch. In this view we stand in front of the Temple Mount’s western wall, out of sight at lower left. The crenelated southern wall of the Old City appears at upper left. The large, broken stone in the foreground is a wall fragment with a piece of a protruding pilaster; it lies in front of the nearly buried entrance to one of the shops beneath the upper street. The shop’s beautifully dressed lintel is topped by two semi-circular stones. Just to the left of the semi-circular stone on the left is another pilaster fragment, with fine carved margins. At lower left, three stone steps formerly supported by Robinson’s Arch (bearing red identification numbers) lie where they fell, still in neat order.