Israel Antiquities Authority

Middin and Nibshan, the second and fourth cities given to Judah in the list recorded in Joshua 15:61–62, can now be identified respectively with archaeological remains at Khirbet Mazin and Ein el-Ghuweir, on the western coast of the Dead Sea.

Khirbet Mazin, located at the base of the Judean wilderness cliffs, guarded the mouths of both the Wadi Kidron and the Wadi Mazin and defended the southern side of the nearby spring at Ein Feshkha. This view of Khirbet Mazin, looking east to the Dead Sea, exhibits the fortified nature of this structure from the Iron II period (1000–586 B.C.E.). The well-preserved corner of the fort, at left, is built of large boulders with small stones wedged between. Especially large blocks were used at the corners.