Moshe and Trude Dothan by Ilan Sztulman; background photo, Israel Antiquities Authority; coffin, Israel Antiquities Authority; statuette, Zev Radovan; family photo courtesy of the Dothans

ON THE COVER: Seeing eye-to-eye is the rule, not the exception, with Trude and Moshe Dothan, Israel’s most distinguished archeologist couple. The collage shows, on a background of Philistine pottery, the Dothans today and as they appeared in a 1956 photo taken while Moshe was on Army duty in the Sinai. Also shown are an anthropoid coffin from Deir el-Balah (upper right), published by Trude, and an ancient mold of a goddess (with modern statuette cast from it) excavated by Moshe at Nahariya. Best known for their ground-breaking work on the Philistines, the Dothans talk about their careers and their life together in Part One of “The Philistines and the Dothans—An Archeological Romance.”