Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Pharaoh Shishak’s stele. Dating to about 925 B.C.E. and recovered at Megiddo, this 15-inch stone fragment reads, “Bright is the form of the [sun-god] Re” and “Amun’s beloved, Shishak [I].” As 1 Kings 14:25–26 records, Shishak “marched against Jerusalem and carried off the treasure of the house of the Lord and the treasures of the royal palace.” According to an inscription at Karnak, in Upper Egypt, the Pharaoh then turned north, conquering several cities; this stele and the Karnak inscription indicate that Megiddo was one of them, although it may have surrendered without a fight. If he had destroyed this city, he probably would not have erected a victory stele at the site.