City of David Society

Housing development. During Iron Age II (1000–586 B.C.E.), the Burnt-Room House and other houses were built directly on top of the Stepped-Stone Structure. According to Cahill, the lowest courses of these walls, and the first floors laid between them, date to the tenth century B.C.E. Cahill argues that the builders constructing these walls intentionally cut and partially dismantled the Stepped-Stone Structure underneath.

Steiner dates the stepped mantle to the tenth century B.C.E. based on pottery found in its fill. But because Kenyon does not appear to have excavated any areas of fill that were sealed by the stepped mantle, Cahill claims that this tenth-century B.C.E. pottery may well have been introduced by the builders. She maintains that the entire Stepped-Stone Structure dates from the 13th/12th century B.C.E., based on the date of pottery recovered from areas of its fill sealed by the stepped mantle.