Nelson Glueck (1900–1971), a student of Albright’s, was an archaeologist, a Bible scholar and a rabbi. Ordained at Hebrew Union College, he began teaching there in 1929. After working with Albright at Tell Beit Mirsim, Glueck unearthed the Nabatean temple at Jebel el-Tannur in 1937. The following year he excavated the Iron Age site of Tell el-Kheleifeh, which he identified as Solomon’s seaport Ezion-Geber. During the Second World War, Glueck worked in Palestine for the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA, locating water sources in the event of a Nazi invasion. In 1947 he was elected president of Hebrew Union College, and in 1960, he established the college’s Biblical and Archaeological School in Jerusalem. Perhaps Glueck’s most important archaeological contributions are his still useful survey reports from Transjordan (where he identified more than a thousand sites—most of which were previously unknown) and the Negev (more than 500 sites).