Garo Nalbandian

Built by Hezekiah? The Book of Chronicles details King Hezekiah’s preparations for Sennacherib’s attack: “Hezekiah set to work resolutely and built up the entire wall that was broken down … and outside he built another wall” (2 Chronicles 32:5). Are these courses of stones—16 feet tall in places—the remains of Hezekiah’s outer wall? (The wall appears in the foreground of this photo, which looks up the eastern slope of the City of David.) Discovered this past spring by archaeologists Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron, the wall runs along the eastern flank of the City of David, about 120 feet below the earlier, eighth-century city wall discovered by Kathleen Kenyon and Yigal Shiloh. Also dating to the eighth century, the newly discovered wall enclosed the Gihon Spring.