Reconstructed by L. E. Stager/Drawing by A. M. Appa

Features common to the ‘Ain Dara temple and to Solomon’s Temple include a monumental stairway (labeled 1; called ma ‘alot in Ezekiel 40:49), a portico (2; ’ulam in 1 Kings 7:19) flanked by engaged columns (named Jachin and Boaz in 1 Kings 7:21), the deity’s footprints (3; Ezekiel 43:4 describes God entering the portal of the Temple unshod), a central room (4; the heikhal), a podium base with mountain deities (5; Solomon’s Temple had cherubim as a throne, “the place for the soles of my feet” [Ezekiel 43:7]), the throne room (6; debir, or holy of holies), side corridors (7; sela‘ot) and sculpted stelae or pilasters (8; migra‘ot, or offsets, in 1 Kings 6:6).