Studio Sztulman-Kessel, Jerusalem

Israelites were here. The many pits scattered throughout the site of Hazor have been found to contain domestic wares such as bowls, cooking pots and grinding stones. Some scholars think these pits (similar to those found at Dan and at other sites) were used for habitation by early Israelites after the prosperous Late Bronze Age Canaanite city was destroyed by fire in the 13th century B.C.

Except where Israelites reinhabited old, destroyed Canaanite cities like Hazor, according to Volkmar Fritz, they typically settled in peripheral zones outside old city-states, in small (under three acres) settlements featuring four-room houses. But while there was a reduction in Canaanite habitation during Iron Age I, Canaanites continued to coexist side by side with the new Israelite population throughout that period.