Though much of the City of David—the oldest inhabited area of Jerusalem—is buried beneath modern dwellings and inaccessible to archaeologists, the available areas have been extensively excavated. Kathleen Kenyon’s excavations between 1961 and 1967 were the most significant since World War I. A few of the areas where she dug, as well as those excavated by her predecessors and her successor Yigal Shiloh are shown here. Kenyon died in 1978 without writing her final report, which has now been completed by Dutch scholar Margreet Steiner. But Steiner’s work casts a new light on the archaeologist whose reputation as a careful excavator is reflected in her moniker, the Mistress of Stratigraphy. Steiner finds Kenyon’s work to be sometimes sloppy and her conclusions to be often dubious or dead wrong.