The royal seal of Yaqub-Her was used to create this Hyksos-period clay bulla (seal impression), which was one of nine found in the excavations—directed by our author—at Tell el-Dab‘a/Avaris in the northeastern Nile Delta. In the film, Jacobovici presents this bulla—which he calls the Royal Seal of Joseph—as solid proof of the existence of the Biblical figures Jacob and Joseph during the Hyksos period (c. 1650–1525 B.C.E.) and the identification of the Hyksos tribes with the Israelites. On the contrary, explains Bietak (in a portion of his interview that was omitted from the film), these puzzling bullae, produced with a genuine Hyksos seal, were found in a layer dating to the later Tuthmoside period (late 15th century). Moreover, the name of Joseph appears nowhere on these bullae and Biblical names such as Jacob were widely used throughout the Near East, and not just by Israelites.