HEY, WHAT ABOUT THE HEH? Goren’s suspicion of the pomegranate hinged on his belief that the inscription stopped short of an ancient break in the ball portion. All agree that about a third of the ball broke off in antiquity (there were also two small, new breaks much whiter in color). If the letters go into the ancient break, they were almost certainly there before the pomegranate broke in antiquity and are therefore authentic. If the inscribed letter strokes stop short of the break, however, as Goren argued, then the inscription is most likely a forgery. During a 2007 microscopic re-examination of the pomegranate, it seemed clear that the heh at the end of the reconstructed “Yahweh” did indeed go into the ancient break (circled in photo), but Goren was unwilling to acknowledge or discuss the heh in the published report.