INSCRIBED ALTAR. A 14-inch-tall altar from Palmyra in modern Syria bears an inscription (no. 0319) that requests those who read it to pray for the individuals named in the inscription. It says: “T]hese two altars made Obaidu son of Animu [son of] Shadilat, a Nabataean of the Rawwah[a], who has been a cavalry soldier [at] Hirta and in the camp of Ana, to Shaialqaum the good and generous god, who does not drink wine, for the life of himself and the life of Meaiti and Abdu his brothers and Shadilat his son, in the month Elul of the year 443, and remembered be Zebaida son of Shimeon son of Belaqab, his host and friend before Shaialqaum the good god, and remembered be whoever frequents these altars and says remembered be all these for good.” A relief of a person leaning on a cane appears above the inscription (not pictured here).