Victoria and Albert, London/Art Resource, New York, N.Y.

In their night caps, with slippers at the bedside and the faithful dog at their feet, the newlyweds Tobias and Sarah sleep peacefully, the demon vanquished and the groom still alive. Unaware of the happy denouement, Sarah’ father is busy digging Tobias’ grave, afraid that this bridegroom will be struck dead as were the preceding seven. After sending a servant to check on events in the bridal chamber, the father gladly fills in the grave. This 16th-century German stained glass window illustrates—as does the Book of Tobit—the importance of a proper marriage.

Was Sarah slighted by the writer of Tobit? Author Levine points out that in spite of the crucial nature of Sarah’s problem, she is shown as ignorant of both demon and potential husband, and the only word she speaks in the presence of others is when she says, “Amen!” to her bridegroom’s prayer on their wedding night.