Disney World carpenter Ernest A. Muro, Jr., used his woodworking skills to “read” the grain of the papyrus fibers on three of the Cave 7 fragments shown at the beginning of this article. The result: He determined that all three fragments belonged to one original papyrus and then pieced them back together (far right). Muro determined that the 20 or so visible letters formed part of the end of one column of text, and the beginning of another, from 1 Enoch 130:3–8. The passage begins: “[For good things and joy and honor have been prepared and written down for th]e [soul of the godly on]es who [have died. And they will rejo]ice, [and their] spi[rits will never perish, nor their me]mo[rial before the presence] of the [Great One for all g]e[nerations forever …].” The few letters preserved on the fragment are in italics; brackets indicate reconstructed text.