Albright Left Major Unpublished Book on Religion of Israel

William Foxwell Albright, who died almost four years ago, left a major manuscript tentatively entitled The History of the Religion of Israel which has yet to be published.

Philistine Temple Discovered Within Tel Aviv City Limits

A unique Philistine temple has recently been discovered and excavated within the city limits of Tel Aviv.

Archaeology or Archeology? Tell or Tel?

One of the things that must be done in starting a magazine is to decide how to spell. This is especially difficult with a magazine about archeology—oops, archaeology.

Did the Philistines Destroy the Israelite Sanctuary at Shiloh?—The Archaeological Evidence

The shoals in the sea of archaeology are treacherous indeed. Take the case of Marie-Louise Buhl.

Archaeological Work in Arabia Now Possible

Opportunities for archaeological investigation appear to be opening up in the Arabian peninsula for the first time in nearly a quarter of a century, according to reports from Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Recently returned from a four-month visit to Yemen, Father Albert Jamme of Catholic University visited 70 sites, copied over 300 formal South Arabian inscriptions and over 900 graffiti. Father Jamme is generally recognized as the world’s leading South Arabian epigrapher.

The Archaeology of Dust and Ashes

“Dust” and “ashes” are referred to frequently in the same Biblical contexts, so much so that some scholars have suggested that the two words are synonymous and interchangeable.

Archaeology for Teenagers

Archaeology can be one of the most effective ways to interest teenagers in Biblical studies. That is why Treasures from the Dusta by Azriel Eisenberg and Dov Peretz Elkins is particularly welcome. Written for high school readers, this book invites the student to “join the adventurous groups of archaeologists who dig the ancient mounds, […]

When Was the Age of the Patriarchs?—Of Amorites, Canaanites, and Archaeology

This is an important, original article, which we print despite the fact that it is somewhat more technical than our usual fare. A word of introduction may be helpful to the non-professional.