Searching for Herod’s Tomb
Somewhere in the desert palace-fortress at Herodium, Palestine’s master builder was buried By Ehud Netzer

Dedicated to the memory of David Rosenfeld.a I had no idea of searching for Herod’s tomb when I began my archaeological work at Herodium. But I confess it has now become something of a minor obsession with me. Whether I will eventually achieve my goal is still an open question, but the search itself […]

Herod’s Family Tomb in Jerusalem
Archaeological clues suggest monumental structure resembles Augustus’s tomb in Rome By Ehud Netzer

We have not found Herod’s tomb, but we have examined a structure that may be Herod’s family tomb. It is not at Herodium but is in Jerusalem itself opposite the Damascus Gate, the most elaborate entrance to the Old City. As with Herodium, my interest in the Jerusalem structure at first had nothing to […]

Of Hems and Tassels
Rank, authority and holiness were expressed in antiquity by fringes on garments By Jacob Milgrom

In the book of Numbers, the Lord speaks to the Israelites through his servant Moses and commands them to wear tassels (or tsitsit) on the corners of their garments. The tassels must include a blue thread. The Biblical passage reads as follows: “The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the Israelite people and […]

Tom Crotser Has Found the Ark of the Covenant—Or Has He?
False report of ark sighting results in cancellation of important American excavation

Anyone assessing Tom Crotser’s claim that he has found the original Ark of the Covenant in all its gilded glory must surely exercise caution in light of Crotser’s additional claims to having previously located the Tower of Babel, Noah’s Ark, the City of Adam, and the great stone of Abel, where the son of […]

How Moses Turned a Staff into a Snake and Back Again

Something happened to me not long ago that may explain a bit of Moses’s magic. I wonder if your readers have any new light to shed on this natural explanation for a Biblical “miracle.” As BAR readers will no doubt recall, when Moses and Aaron his spokesman confront Pharaoh and ask him to allow […]

Gudea of Lagash Ends Long Journey
Statue from Iraq acquired by Detroit Institute of Arts By Suzanne F. Singer

Sometimes an archaeological discovery permits us to glimpse the soul of an ancient man—to “see” one person who loved, hated, inspired fear or respect. When the discovery is a work of art, fashioned by a gifted pair of unknown hands thousands of years ago, it is a precious legacy, one that no quantity of […]