Vegas on the Med
A Tour of Caesareas’s Entertainment District By Yosef Porath

024 025 What city was the official residence of the Roman prefect after Judea came under direct rule by Rome beginning in 6 C.E.? What city was designated as capital of the Roman province of Judea after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 C.E? What city was the political and economic capital of […]

Building Power
The Politics of Architecture By Kenneth G. Holum

038 In 44 C.E., the Jewish king Agrippa, king of Judea, stood in the theater of Caesarea, clothed in a garment woven of silver threads that glittered in the first rays of sunlight. To those who looked upon him, he seemed awesome and terrible. The spectators were the leading men of the kingdom. […]


Controversy: Academic Debate Crosses the Line
Leading Israeli Archaeologist Charged with Zionist Bias By Hershel Shanks
First Person: Trial by Leak
Even alleged forgers have rights By Hershel Shanks
Ancient Britain


Archaeologist vs. Archaeologist
Ben-Dov Wins Token Victory By Lionel Kestenbaum
Yaakov Meshorer, 1935–2004
Leading Numismatist Taught Lessons Well Beyond Coins By Suzanne F. Singer
Petra and Bethsaida Visit the U.S.
Nabatean and New Testament Sites on Exhibit
Samuel Iwry, 1910–2004
Worked with Albright on Dead Sea Scrolls
Sherlock Holmes, Paleographer
The World’s First Manuscript Sleuth
Books on Archaeology of Israel Honored
Levi-Sala Prize Awarded to Four Works