BAS Library for Institutions

Discover the leading academic research tool—trusted by the likes of Harvard University and Princeton Theological Seminary. The BAS Library is an unmatched Biblical archaeology resource, designed for your institution’s entire community. Students and faculty can log in and browse the entire collection—a wealth of material by world-renowned scholars—with convenient search categories.

Here’s what your colleagues are saying about the benefits of this amazing resource…

LIBRARIANS can enhance their collections with this dream database come true: integrated multiple collections, research features, and reference sections all in one place make this an excellent resource, according to James Estes, Library Director at Wesley Theological Seminary.

PROFESSORS can easily augment their courses with exceptional captioned photography. Dr. Oded Borowski of Emory University regularly uses BAS Library images in his PowerPoint presentations.

STUDENTS—both undergrads and graduates alike—get unprecedented access to the world of the Bible! Meredith Hammons, Digital Acquisitions Librarian, also of Emory University says that students have instant access to full text and beautiful photographs that are easily utilized for their assignments.

What’s in the BAS Library

  • 9,000 searchable articles by renowned experts—with no embargo
  • Over 21,000 lavish color photographs, maps, diagrams, and drawings
  • Every issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (1975–present), Bible Review (1985–2005), and Archaeology Odyssey (1998–2006)
  • Access to New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land, Vol. 5
  • Video lectures from world-renowned scholars and archaeologists
  • Special Collections to help beginners get started on popular topics
  • Indexed in ATLA, EBSCO, NTA, OTA, RTA and CPI
  • Listed in SERU registry

Take a look at the BAS Library’s cutting-edge features:

  • Extensive search and browsing function with an advanced search page for drilling down into content
  • Active text fully linked to footnotes, endnotes, and citations of other articles in the collection
  • Extractable text and large images suitable for presentation
  • Completely mobile-friendly for use on any device and any platform
  • Print options and the ability to save as a PDF and email