A catalogue of sins appears in one newly published fragment of the Damascus Document. The list forbids

“1. Pagan practices, including necromancy

2. Desecration of the divine name

3. Improper marital practices, such as taking a maiden or widow of questionable repute, and illicit intercourse on (the Sabbath?)

4. Failure to give priests their dues …

5. Misuse of some unspecified sacred names

6. Affliction with scale disease or gonorrhea

7. Revealing to foreigners the secrets of the nation, or cursing oneÆs people

8. Reviling those inspired by the holy spirit

9. Slaughtering pregnant animals

10. Intercourse with a pregnant woman

11. Marital relations with oneÆs [niece]

12. Homosexual relations.”

—from the introduction to Discoveries in the Judaean Desert XVIII