The 34 lines of the text have been numbered for convenience in the following translation by André Lemaire. Bracketed words and letters represent restorations of the text. Italicized words are uncertain. The dots between brackets indicate places where text is missing. The parenthetical word has been added for clarity but does not appear in the original text.

1. I am Mesha, son of Kemosh[ît], king of Mesha, the

2. Dibonite. My father ruled over Moab for 30 years, and I ruled

3. after my father. I made this high place for Kamosh in Qerihô, high pla[ce of the Sa]

4. vior, for he saved me from all the kings and let me enjoy the sight of all my enemies. Omri

5. (was) king of Israel, and he oppressed Moab many days, for Kamosh was angry with his

6. land. And his son succeeded him, and he too said: “I will oppress Moab.” In my days, he said so,

7. but I enjoyed his sight and that of his house. And Israel perished utterly forever. And Omri had taken possession of the land of

8. Medeba. And he dwelt in it in his days and the sum of the days of his sons: 40 years; but Kamosh

9. restored it in my days. And I built Baal-meon, and I made a reservoir in it; and I built

10. Qiryatên. And the men of Gad had dwelt in the land of Atarot from of old, and the king of Israel built

11. Atarot for himself; but I fought against the town and took it, and I slew all the people:

12. the town belonged to Kamosh and to Moab. And I brought thence the altar-hearth of his Beloved, and I dragged

13. it before Kamosh in Qirat/my town. And I settled in it the men of Sharon and the men of

14. Maharat. And Kamosh said to me: “Go! Take Nebo against Israel.” And I

15. went by night and fought against it from break of dawn till noon. And I

16. took it and slew all: 7,000 men, boys, women, girls,

17. and pregnant women, because I had devoted it to Ashtar-Kamosh. And I took thence the altar-

18. hearths of YHWH, and I dragged them before Kamosh. And the King of Israel had built

19. Yahaz, and dwelt therein while he fought against me; but Kamosh drove him out before me, and

20. I took from Moab two hundred men, all the chiefs thereof, and I established them in Yahaz; and I took it

21. to add it to Dîbon. I built Qerihô: the wall of the parkland and the wall

22. of the acropolis; and I built its gates, and I built its towers; and

23. I built the king’s house; and I made banks for the water reservoir inside

24. the town; and there was no cistern inside the town, in Qerihô, and I said to all the people: “Make yourself

25. each a cistern in his house”; and I dug the ditches for Qerihô with prisoners

26. of Israel. I built Aroer, and I made the highway through the Arnon.

27. I built Bet-bamot, for it was destroyed; and I built Bezer, for it was in ruins.

28. [And] the men of Dîbon were fitted out for war because all Dîbon was obedient. And I ruled

29. [over a] hundred of towns that I added to the land. And I built

30. [the temple of Made]ba and the temple of Diblaten and the temple of Baal-meon; and I established there

31. [……………] the sheep of the land. And the house [of Da]vid dwelt in Horonên

32. [……………] and Kamosh said to me: “Go down! Fight against Horonen.” And I went down, and [I

33. [I fought against the town, and I took it; and] Kamosh [resto]red it in my days. And I took up thence ten

34. [……………………]…… And I[……