These Biblical figures might be mentioned in particular inscriptions, but in each case, data in the inscription may point to another person(s) with similar attributes, such as name, because most do not include at least three attributes matching the Biblical person.


Balaam, son of Beor
late 13th century, Numbers 22:5, etc.

Baalis, king of the Ammonites
early sixth century, Jeremiah 40:14

Northern Arabia

Geshem (= Gashmu), the Arabian
mid-fifth century, Nehemiah 2:19, etc.

Southern Kingdom of Judah

Shebna, overseer of the palace
c. 726–697/696, Isaiah 22:15–19, etc.

Azzur of Gibeon, father of Hananiah
early sixth century, Jeremiah 28:1, etc.

Gedaliah, the governor, son of Ahikam
c. 585, 2 Kings 25:22, etc.

Jaazaniah (= Jezaniah)
early sixth century, 2 Kings 25:23, etc.