At least four BAR scholarships will be available to Arab and Israeli scholars to deliver papers at the Annual Meeting in 1991 and 1992. Each scholarship includes $800 toward transportation from the Middle East, $200 toward meals and lodging, plus the convention registration fee. Two of the scholarships will be available to Arab nationals from Arab lands. Two other scholarships will be awarded to Israeli women who are doctoral candidates or who have obtained their Ph.D.’s within ten years of the date of application.

We invite BAR readers to fund additional scholarships as part of this program. If you would like to fund such a scholarship, you may specify the qualifications of the candidate. We would be especially pleased to receive travel support for scholars from Turkey, Greece, Italy, the Mediterranean islands, and other countries, including Israel and Arab lands. Other scholarships may be designed to bring to the Annual Meeting scholars of Near Eastern antiquity from anywhere in the world—from Japan and Australia to Canada, France and Poland. Any BAR scholarship funded by readers will also bear the name of the donor. Please contact us if you are willing to fund any of these scholarships.

To apply for a BAR scholarship to the Annual Meeting, please write to us and give your background, your education and experience, the title of your proposed paper and a short description of its contents. You may apply for the 1991 Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, or for the 1992 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California. Responsibility for arranging a place on the program lies with the applicant.

Let us hear from you—applicants and donors—at Biblical Archaeology Society, Attention: Scholarship, 3000 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20008.