All sessions will be held this November 20–22, in the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

To register for the meetings, call SBL, at 1–800-243–1193.

1. New from Ashkelon

Chair: Frank Moore Cross, Harvard University

Saturday, November 20, 1999; 1–3:30 pm; Hynes Room A

“The Canaanite City of the Dead and Their Philistine Successors,” Lawrence Stager, Harvard University

“Shipwrecks Off the Mediterranean Coast of Ashkelon,” Robert Ballard, Institute for Exploration, Mystic, Conn., and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

“Tracking Ancient Populations by Their Bones and DNA,” Patricia Smith, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

“Destruction and Diaspora—The Philistines Disperse,” David Schloen, University of Chicago

2. Biblical and Archaeological Puzzles

Chair: Hershel Shanks

Sunday, November 21, 1999; 9–11:30 am; Hynes Room 304

“Is the Shorter Reading Really Better? Haplography We Don’t Know About,” David Noel Freedman, University of California, San Diego

“Archaeology’s Contribution to Textual Criticism,” William Dever, University of Arizona

“How Jewish Was Samaria?” Mary Joan Leith, Stonehill College

“What’s a Sacred Beetle Doing on Hezekiah’s Seal (and a Sun Disk on His L’melekh Handles)?” P. Kyle McCarter, Jr., Johns Hopkins University

“The Puzzle of Canaanite and Israelite Fortifications at Dan,” Avraham Biran, Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem

3. Cultural Connections

Chair: Philip J. King, Harvard Semitic Museum

Sunday, November 21, 1999; 7:30–10 pm; Hynes Room 306

“Tell ed-Dab‘a—Avaris, Hyksos and Israelites,” Manfred Bietak, University of Vienna

“Miletus and the Coming of the Sea Peoples,” Wolf Niemeier, University of Heidelberg

“Egypt, Canaan and the Aegean—Confluence at Deir el-Balah,” Trude Dothan, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

4. Exodus—Through the Back Door

Chair: Peter Machinist, Harvard University

Monday, November 22, 1999; 7:30–10 pm; Hynes Room 304

“How Reliable Are the Sources of the Biblical Writers?” Alan Millard, University of Liverpool, England

“From Myth to History—and Back Again?” Ronald S. Hendel, University of California at Berkeley

“Egyptian and Greek Accounts of the Israelite Sojourn In and Exodus From Egypt—What Can We Learn?” Philip Davies, University of Sheffield, England

“History Writing in Egypt and Israel During the First Millennium B.C.,” Antonio Loprieno, University of California at Los Angeles