With nine thoughts I have gladdened my heart,

and a tenth I shall tell with my tongue:

A man rejoicing in his children;

a man who lives to see the downfall of his foes;

Happy is he who lives with an intelligent wife,

and he who has not made a slip with his tongue,

and he who has not served a man inferior to himself;

Happy is he who has gained good sense,

and he who speaks to attentive listeners.

How great is he who has gained wisdom!

But there is no one superior to him who fears the Lord.


Happy the man who meditates on wisdom, and reflects on knowledge;

Who ponders her ways in his heart, and understands her paths;

Who pursues her like a scout, and lies in wait at her entry way;

Who peeps through her windows, and listens at her doors;

Who encamps near her house, and fastens his tent pegs next to her walls;

Who pitches his tent beside her and lives as her welcome neighbor;

Who builds his nest in her leafage, and lodges in her branches;

Who takes shelter with her from the heat, and dwells in her home.