March 1975

First issue of BAR is published in 7-by-10-inch brown-and-cream format.

March 1976

First time BAR includes a color photo.

March 1977

BAS offers first travel/study tour to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

March 1978

BAR format is enlarged to standard magazine size.


BAS buys first computer.

September/October 1984

BAS awards first Publication Awards.


BAS moves business operation out of publisher Susan Laden’s basement to an office building in Washington, D.C.

January/February 1992

BAR is redesigned.


BAR is produced and designed digitally for the first time.


BAS awards first dig scholarships to volunteers.

July/August 1996

BAR is redesigned—again.

July/August 1998

BAS goes online with first Web site

May/June 2003

BAR is redesigned—again.

March/April 2006

BAR introduces new format and current design.

January/February 2007

BAS launches new Digs Web site.

April 2009

BAS pages go live on Facebook and Twitter.