These are the 2016 dig opportunities. Visit for additional information, including a full description of each site, the excavation’s goals for the coming season, important finds from past seasons, Biblical connections and profiles of dig directors. The right archaeological expedition for you is just a click away!

Abel Beth Maacah
June 19–July 15
Directors: Robert Mullins, Nava Panitz-Cohen
Abila of the Decapolis
June 27–Aug. 10
Directors: David Vila
July 25–Aug. 21
Directors: Alexander Fantalkin, Angelika Berlejung
June 4–July 16
Directors: Lawrence Stager, Daniel Master
July 16–Aug. 11
Directors: Oded Lipschits, Manfred Oeming, Yuval Gadot
May 22–July 9
Director: Rami Arav
July 3–July 28
Director: Michael Eisenberg
June 26–July 28
Directors: Aaron Burke, Martin Peilstöcker
Khirbet el-Eika
June 26–July 22
Director: Uzi Leibner
Mt. Zion
June 11–July 7
Directors: Shimon Gibson, James D. Tabor
May 20–June 17
Director: James R. Strange
Tel Akko
July 3–July 30
Directors: Ann Killebrew, Michal Artzy, Michael Sugerman
Tel Burna
June 19–July 15
Director: Itzick Shai
Tel Dor
July 2–July 29
Directors: Ilan Sharon, Ayelet Gilboa
Tel Gezer
June 20–July 15
Directors: Steve Ortiz, Sam Wolff
Tel Hazor
June 19–July 29
Director: Amnon Ben-Tor
Tel Jezreel
May 27–June 24
Director: Jennie Ebeling, Norma Franklin
Tel Lachish
June 19–July 27
Directors: Yosef Garfinkel, Michael Hasel, Martin Klingbeil
Tel Megiddo
June 18–August 3
Directors: Israel Finkelstein, Matthew Adams, Mario Martin
Tell es-Safi/Gath
June 26–July 22
Director: Aren Maeir
Tell Halif
May 29–July 1
Director: Oded Borowski
Tell Keisan
July 3–July 31
Directors: David Schloen, Gunnar Lehmann
January 24–February 19
Director: Katia Cytryn-Silverman
January 24–February 2
Director: Erez Ben-Yosef