c. 3200–2500 B.C.E.

Earliest known Gamla. The largest Early Bronze Age fortified settlement on the Golan.


c. 150 B.C.E.

The first Jewish settlers arrive.

81 B.C.E.

Alexander Janneus ousts the local tyrant and takes control.

80–40 B.C.E.

Continuous Hasmonean control.

Possible construction of earliest synagogue.

20–4 B.C.E.

Herod the Great controls the Golan and possibly constructs the present synagogue.

1–66 C.E.

Gamla thrives.

April–May 66 C.E.

First Jewish Revolt against Rome begins.

After May 66 C.E.

Josephus, Jewish military commander of the Galilee, fortifies Gamla.

Spring 67 C.E.

King Agrippa besieges Gamla, but fails to take it.

September 67 C.E.

Vespasian besieges Gamla.

Early October 67 C.E.

Vespasian breaks into Gamla but suffers defeat.

October 20, 67 C.E.

Gamla falls.