bamah (ba-MAH), pl. bamot (ba-MOHT): a large platform used for cultic rituals such as offerings or sacrifices.

kalathos (KAHL-ah-thos) or lekane (LEK-en-ee): a deep, v-shaped bowl with horizontal handles, found primarily in Cyprus and the Aegean.

kernos (KUR-nos): a hollow, ring-shaped libation vessel to which cups, vases and hollow animal or pomegranate shapes were attached.

krater (CRAY-ter): a large, deep bowl characterized by a wide neck and body.

megaron (MEG-ah-roe): an Aegean-style palace: a large, long building with a central hall, featuring a hearth, side rooms and an open-faced porch.

metope (MET-oh-pee): a term borrowed from classical architecture; in the context of pottery, it refers to discrete decorated areas.

rhyton (RIE-ton): a drinking vessel in the form of an animal head or, less often, a human head. The liquid is introduced through an opening at the top and pours through a lower spout, often from the animal’s (or human’s) mouth.