bronzetti (bron-ZET-ee): bronze figurines made by Sardinia’s indigenous culture. Usually found near sacred wells, the bronzetti often depict warriors, chieftains and boats. They generally range from a few inches to more than a foot in height or length.

nuraghi (new-RAH-gee; singular, nuraghe): massive stone towers built in the shape of truncated cones by Sardinia’s indigenous culture. Although the term derives from the Sardinian root nur, meaning “heap” or “hollow,” a variety of rooms, niches and winding staircases fill the interiors of these towers. Most of the nuraghi were erected between 1300 and 1000 B.C. They probably served a defensive purpose.

tophet (TOH-fet): the Phoenicians’ sacred burial ground. The excavation of tophets in Carthage, Sulchis and Tharros have revealed evidence of the Phoenician practice of child sacrifice.